Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Miss Bailin's :)DLC7 Homework Blog: 10/12 Homework

Miss Bailin's :)DLC7 Homework Blog: 10/12 Homework: " Below you will find our brainstormed list of causes for the Civil War. Feel free to add anything that you feel is miss..."

Causes of the Civil WarCauses of the Civil War

4. Different Economies: industry v. agriculture, taxes/tariffs, labor forces

3. Opposing Social Views: social classes, etc.

2. Slavery

15. Dred Scott Decision

16. Frederick Douglass

14. Nat Turner Rebellion in 1831

13. Fugitive Slave Act

17. Compromise of 1850

18. Uncle Tom’s Cabin published

19. King Cotton….Christy publishes proslavery Cotton is King

5. Election of Lincoln in 1860

9. Abolitionists

20. Mass. Senator Sumner v. S. Carolina Senator Butler

10. Emancipation Proclamation

11. Missouri Compromise of 1820

8. Kansas/Nebraska Act…Bleeding Kansas

6. States’ Rights v. Federal Govt.

7. Land from the Mexican American War & Louisiana Purchase

12. John Brown (all inclusive of what he was involved in)

1. The South Secedes