Friday, December 17, 2010

Grayson's Reflection

1.Through out my time in DLC I feel I have grown in many ways. I have defiantly become more familiar with technology, and how to use it. I have started trying to get my work done with quality and quickness together rather the one or the other. I have also tried to start learning for myself rather than being taught everything by my teacher because sometimes you need more information then what they give you. I also enjoy being in groups now than just relying on myself.
2. I am most proud of my Industrial Revolution slides because they helped me try to begin working with movement and helped me along my way with integrating in technology. I am also proud because I’ve been able to work with others better and to enjoy being in groups.
3. The most challenging things for me have been the technology because I came in with little experience in that field and I was also challenged with competing with not only 4 or 5 kids at a gifted level but an entire class who is equal to my intelligence or higher. Also working in groups was at first.
4. My favorite assignment/project was probably the Lorax because I got to base a project on my own creation.
5. I hope that in second quarter I will be able to focus less jumping the technological gap and more on the content and my ability to create a pleasing project