Friday, December 17, 2010

Grayson's Reflection

1.Through out my time in DLC I feel I have grown in many ways. I have defiantly become more familiar with technology, and how to use it. I have started trying to get my work done with quality and quickness together rather the one or the other. I have also tried to start learning for myself rather than being taught everything by my teacher because sometimes you need more information then what they give you. I also enjoy being in groups now than just relying on myself.
2. I am most proud of my Industrial Revolution slides because they helped me try to begin working with movement and helped me along my way with integrating in technology. I am also proud because I’ve been able to work with others better and to enjoy being in groups.
3. The most challenging things for me have been the technology because I came in with little experience in that field and I was also challenged with competing with not only 4 or 5 kids at a gifted level but an entire class who is equal to my intelligence or higher. Also working in groups was at first.
4. My favorite assignment/project was probably the Lorax because I got to base a project on my own creation.
5. I hope that in second quarter I will be able to focus less jumping the technological gap and more on the content and my ability to create a pleasing project


  1. I have the same struggle as you. I struggle with technology. I always seem to ask kids how to do this or how to do that. I feel like your blog is honest and truly reflects you. We also both think that we need to focus on content and what the audience is learning rather than the technology

  2. You will definitely be able to produce quality work quickly with practice and time. I also think that doing the lorax was one of our best projects. It is easier to create a project based off something you created and know inside and out than one that was assigned. You then know how much creativity to add to make it perfect.

  3. I definitely believe that this year it is easier to work in groups than before. Also I agree that next semester it will probably be easier to concentrate on content because we are all better at using technology than at the beginning of the year.

  4. Once again as with other students your blog reflects a surprising amount of similarities between us. Maybe DLC students are not so different after all! I have grown like you constantly changing, improving myself, and blending in. I have improved on working in groups and I find them somewhat enjoyable! I'm still improving!Before I was solo and couldn't stand DLC group work. The hardest part in DLC is as you said working with kids at my level. No one has ever come close to beating my projects! There was no stress! The DLC presents a real challenge! The competition is fierce. I hope in second semester that we will both improve on our technology and project quality! Good luck this semester! Thanks for sharing your blog:) I am learning more and more about myself...

  5. I agree that I have become more familiar. In my elementary school, I was in GenYes, a tech group, so I came in with some experience. But we hardly ever did anything with builds and actions, effects, etc (Keynote). DLC has taught me so much: from tinkering to troubleshooting. You are right about trying to improve your work ethics and the way you get projects done. I have also been trying to improve on my project completion methods. I try to get the idea first, by brainstorming, or analyzing the information given, and then I work through baby steps. First, I get the introduction and the first slide, then I get the body of the presentation, then I do the conclusion, add narration, etc. I really try to keep it orderly, while still doing it quickly and with quality. I am proud of my Industrial Revolution slides, because it was my first experience as a group presenter. It was also the first time that I tried being a group member, instead of trying to take charge and being a leader. It was a nice experience, although I think I prefer to be a leader more than a group member. I also love to present, especially to an audience. I like attention, and that is a good way to get it without doing outrageous things. It was really nice, because it was the first time you saw somebody's tech and presentation styles mix. It is really coincidental. I was recently thinking of the same thing! " I was also challenged with competing with not only 4 or 5 kids at a gifted level but an entire class who is equal to my intelligence or higher." In elementary school, I was used to being the smartest kid in class, and really special, with only a few kids like me, and we went to honors. Now, with the DLC, that is long gone. I am grouped with kids just like me, who were probably the same way in elementary. It is kind of strange, and I can't quite tell if I like it or not. But, I am very competitive, so that drives my competitive spirit. You and I both like the Lorax. I think that it was fun, because instead of being constricted by just the topic you had (civil war, welcome video, etc.), you could go so much further because you created the piece, and then you digitally recreated it. A lot of people followed the Lorax, and just recreated the poem, whereas I made a new poem with the same theme as a the Lorax, but I had a story about two crows trying to find food. It was really cool, and the extent to which you could go with writing and technology was really awesome, and I felt really free. So, how do you think the changes being made in second semester are going to change you?

  6. Sam, I think that in second semester will make me more competitive and I will probably integrate even further into the DLC psychological mind set, and even further my ability to present my projects, and ways to combine technology, and my ideas to make an appealing to other people. Katelyn, I also feel I have learned more about myself through this year. I have learned that I enjoy people being proud of me, and that I hate being ignored/written down because Im only 12.