Thursday, February 17, 2011

Option 1

1. Bismarkian system of Alliances
The Bismarkian system of alliances is the system started by German chancellor Bismark. It is a system where where Germany tried to seem like the good guys while neutralizing any enemy by either forming an alliance with them, or becoming to imposing oof a force to even think about attacking them.
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2. If a man says half himself in the light, adroit
Way a tune shakes into equilibrium,
Or approximates to a note that never comes:

Says half himself in the way two pencil-lines
Flow to each other and softly separate,
In the resolute way plane lifts and leaps from plane:

Who knows what intimacies our eyes may shout,
What evident secrets daily foreheads flaunt,
What panes of glass conceal our beating hearts?
by: A.S.J Tessimond

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3. There are many ways this ties to the theme of the Bismarkian system which often led to betrayal,
such as, when it says “Way a tune shakes into equilibrium, or approximates to a note that never comes.”  It is clearly referring to situations when you expect someone to do some thing and they don’t. This applies to the system because many times when there were these alliances people wouldn’t follow through with what their treaties said they would, such as how, Russia made a treaty with Germany saying they wouldn’t attack them. Germany violated the treaty by attacking Russia later in the war. Another supporting line is “Who knows what intimacies our eyes may shout,” this talks about how people always appear one way but often act another way. This applies in many ways, like when France was attacked they had no idea what was coming and how hard Germany would hit them. The last quote I would like to talk about is “What panes of glass conceal our beating hearts?” This applies to Germany because when it asks this question I think of Germany trying to act the “good guy” regardless of its bad intentions.

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  1. Comment by: Katelyn Loreman, Kiana Clarke, MAtty West, and Grayson Fattaleh's entry.

    The connections that you made were REALLY relevant. We really liked the “What panes of glass conceal our beating hearts?” connection that you made to Germany's fake innocence. That was a really strong connection that fit in beautifully.

    The blog entry itself looked really clean.

    What made you pick the Bismarckian system?
    ---I wanted to try something fresh and new.