Thursday, February 17, 2011


1. Determine what Kipling means by "the White Man's Burden."

In this poem the white man’s burden means the job of the white people to spread their education and, in their opinion, superior culture. “The silent sullen peoples Shall weigh your God and you.” Here it is making reference to the people they took over; They use silent because they do not speak their language and “ Shall weigh your god and you” because many of these take overs were in the name of their religion and its talking about the natives judging your religion.

2. Does Kipling justify imperialism? How so?

He is justifying imperialism and you can tell because of the following information. “Take up the White Man's burden- Ye dare not stoop to less- Nor call too loud on Freedom To cloke your weariness.” In this quote from the poem it is saying that someone has to be controlling these “so called” uneducated people and savages. It is saying that their shouts of wanting freedom really isn’t what they want because they are not able to live as easily if they don’t have European influence. “The blame of those ye better The hate of those ye guard” In this quote it clearly says that the nations they took over ridicule them and hate them even though, in their opinion, They are guarding their people and helping them out ; when in reality they are oppressing and hurting their people.

3. Why might such a justification might be so appealing?

It may be appealing for many reasons such as: They arent really doing anything bad and they are helping this country. They needed this justification because if they did not there would be a chance that they would have to stop the take overs for public appeal but if they stopped there growth would slow and they would be at both economical, social, and military risk.

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